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Entrance of the bride
The bride is usually given away, traditionally by her father.

The music begins. After a few seconds, the bride enters on her father's arm. They walk slowly. A few brave people and children turn to watch as they walk down the aisle, but most just get a glimpse as she walks past.
The bride reaches the front. She stands savours enjoys the unique moment. The music plays a few seconds longer...

The traditional tune is Wagner's Bridal Chorus, otherwise known as Here Comes The Bride. It sounds great played by clarinet, guitar & double bass.

I like Here ComesThe Bride. As soon as we start playing it everyone knows exactly what is going on and there is great concentration and focus in the air.

some alternative suggestions

Wedding Promenade Hearnshaw
Entrance of The Queen of Sheba Handel
Trumpet Voluntary Purcell
Pachaelbel's Canon Pachaelbel


Planning to walk down the aisle? Good music makes all the difference.

bandleader's choice wedding promenade
by Charlie Hearnshaw