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Maxine Green Sings Jazz

Maxine Green guitar, vocals
Charlie Hearnshaw clarinet, sax

A journey in music and song along highways and byeways of romance, diverting to the through roads and cul-de-sacs of unrequited love before arriving at destination Happiness.

Charlie and Maxine chart some of the routes signposted by popular English, American and French composers from the 1920s to the present day, interpreting the tunes and songs with their unique blend of swing, jazz and world music.

This fun cabaret performance maps out the journey from going out on the town looking for someone special, meeting on the dance floor and falling in love, getting married - or not - getting lost along the way, what can go summing it all up in the light of experience.

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Video of Memoirs, words and music by Maxine Green

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From a concert at St. Aidans Church, Bristol, March 2010.


Other dancers may be on the floor,
Dear, but my eyes will see only you.
Only you have that magic technique.
When we sway I go weak.