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Sun 15th The Bicton Inn, Bicton Street, Exmouth EX8 2RU 01395 272 589
Trio with Pete Bendall (bs,voc) and Bob King (bnjo, gtr) 3.00 - 5.00
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Mon 16th The Clifford Arms,34,Fore Street, Shaldon, Devon TQ14 0DE 01626 872 311
Charlie Hearnshaw Trio with Maxine Green gtr, voc and Mike Thorn dbl bs. Swinging standards & original jazz tunes. 8.30

Mon 6th
Harry’s Restaurant, 86 Longbrook Street, Exeter 01392 202 234
Hearnshaw/ Green Duo. Chansons & swing 7.30 - 10.00
Sometimes Harry's gets packed so it might be best to book in advance.
Ask for a table in the same room as the band.

Thur 2nd Frou Frou Restaurant, 43 Gold Street, Tiverton 01884 25 05 44
Hearnshaw/Green Duo play New Orleans & Trad Jazz 7.30 - 9.30
Please book in advance. The band plays downstairs.
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Frou Frou website

please telephone the venue before you set off in case the gig has been cancelled

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Indevout CD
I recorded this album on alto sax as a project with drummer Coach York in 2006. If you like alto sax and you like drums then this could be a good choice for you.

We recorded Indevout at my studio. I was in one room and Coach was in another and we heard each other via headphones; there was no visual contact during recording.

If I remember correctly the tracks were each recorded in one take.
Before recording I laid down a click track in Logic (audio sequencer) and put down a basic bass line and some chords on keyboard.

Sax was recorded on an AKG 414 ULS.

Drums had a factory matched pair of superb Russian mics, Oktava Mk 12s as overheads and, oddly enough and after much experimentation, an AKG C1000 for the bass drum. I also put a mic on the snare but found during mixing that I did not need it.

The somewhat loose concept is that the tracks follow a love affair that starts off well but progresses to breakup with some sadness on the way but with an optimistic ending.

I did not write any themes before recording; they were all improvised during the recording session and since there was no audience I tried to pick up the mood that existed between myself and Coach and to be inspired by his drumming.

I have since written some of the themes down and developed their form to make them into jazz pieces. The most outstanding example is probably The Day You Left which you may hear here on YouTube in a more developed version.

Charlie Hearnshaw

Released October 1st 2006
Charlie Hearnshaw alto sax, bass, keyboards.
Coach York drums

Indevout CD
Listen free of charge. You can stream or download the tracks free from this page (on the right) or from Bandcamp.
If you however wish to make a donation,which is of course entirely voluntary and optional, please use this paypal donate button...

You may alternatively make a voluntary payment via the Bandcamp website, in which case they get 10%.

Purchase the actual CD. If you would like to purchase a hard copy of Indevout CD, i.e. an actual CD you may do so direct from Charlie Hearnshaw.
CDs cost £10.00. Postage is free.
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You could also purchase a CD from Charlie at a gig and pay cash. If you would like to do this, let him know in advance and he will bring a copy along. email